Spiritual Contracts

A Spiritual Contract is the decision between your soul and another's to get together in the up and coming lifetime to learn and grow together. It may be for business, love or personal experiences. We have Spiritual Contracts with our Spirit Guides and other entities to help guide us down our chosen path. A lot of spiritual connections are here for a specific purpose, not for a romantic relationship or marriage. I have clients that are sent to me as spiritually contracted connections. I may be their teacher and never carry any other type of relationship with them passed the reading. I could assume the role of the student and learn from what their guides are sharing with me. Some clients have become long-term connections and friends.

Past Life Connections
That Spiritual Connection may also turn out to be a Past Life Connection, which is knowing them in a previous incarnation. What is a past life? Before we are born in the physical world we map out our lives with the help of God/The Universe (or whoever). We create a blueprint, choosing our families and experiences we wish to go through in life to doing our jobs and evolve our spirits. If after crossing over we haven't learned what we were sent to, we have the choice to come back into the physical world to correct our mistakes and grow from them. The whole point to life is learning and experiencing what we must so when we cross over to the Other Side, we won't have to come back. Life on Earth isn't "home", the Other Side is. If you have ever experienced Deja Vu, you know that you've felt like you've been in a certain place, knew someone or had a conversation before that very moment. That is very true. Most likely you knew that person, had that conversation and been in that place in a past life.

So why would we choose to meet up with someone we knew back in a previous incarnation? Sometimes after we cross over our spirit feels the need to clean up and work out the karma (unfinished business) from a relationship we carried with another in a past life. 99% of the time when another person from a past life comes to surface this time around, it's to have a second chance at a relationship, to complete karmic lessons or simply show you what you weren't missing. Past Life Connections can be quite difficult relationships to maintain in terms of fluidity and longevity. The lessons can oftentimes be really harsh, but necessary. Much like Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Past Life Connections have issues with timing and the other half being romantically unavailable. It's also possible that you've experienced a past lifetime with one or more of your Soul Mates, but that happens for one out of a 50 million people and I'm not exaggerating here. Okay, maybe a little.

Teacher-Student Connections:
These are just like spiritual contracted connections, except they carry a more pertinent position on your path. The "Teacher" would be the person who leads us to the divine event. The "Student" would be the person who learns the lessons based upon the outcome of events. You can be both simultaneously. This happens most often in romantic relationships, but can also include career, friendships and spiritual growth. Most people would love to assume that any time they feel connected to someone, it's a Soul Mate or Twin Flame. Unfortunately that's not true. Every connection we have in the physical world is a spiritual one, but some that are just Teacher-Student connections with a twist. When it comes to the types of connections we make in this lifetime, they can be any combination and have the same amount of validity as Soul Mates or Twin Flames. I've noticed that the Teacher-Student Connections tend to last longer in the physical world and are less harsh than the Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Past Life Connections.

These connections are still very important. Without them we would never be able to accomplish the lessons or remove the barriers in order to pave the way for new experiences and reach our bottom lines. Sometimes these people actually lead us to our Soul Mates and Twin Flames. If you look at your connections that have gone sour as Teacher-Student, it'll be easier to move on from them. If you don't, you're could find yourself stuck in the a mental pothole for much longer than necessary.

Lifelong Partnership Option
A Lifelong Partnership Option would be considered, "The One". This connection is a person you can spend the rest of your life with. Most people consider The One their "Soul mate" or "Twin Flame". There are many different options to find people to spend the rest of your life with and not just ONE person is your destiny. The One is a choice, but could (not always will) end up becoming a Soul Mate or Twin Flame. Before incarnating into the physical world we spiritually contract ourselves with many different souls as Life Partnership Options. This doesn't mean we marry all or even some of them. We may choose to use our free will and pass the door(s) by. Sometimes we choose to bypass ALL the options. Remember that no matter what type of spiritual contract you have with another soul, the lessons you receive and the experiences you get are meant to last the entire lifetime.

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