Fear No More!

It's The Most Common Form Of Sabotage
You wouldn't believe the amount of people who use their fears as an excuse to not take responsibility for their actions, thoughts and feelings. Fear holds us back from learning and being truly happy. Our Ego is the control panel for all the emotions we experience in life. It's like an invisible micro-chip that can dictate our present and future circumstances unbeknownst to our conscious thought process. Through our past experiences we have gathered information and fed it to our sub-conscious memory, which in turn made an imprint of every emotional reaction to the psyche. This is what causes us to create patterns, positive or unhealthy.

Fear is one the most common negative reactions to an experience. It has the strongest command over choosing the direction we take when it comes to desires in our waking life. For example, one may have no issue with entering a new romantic relationship, but may have a foreboding mentality when it comes to marriage. They can exist in their current state without progressing to the next level due to their fear of change and self-imposed premonition of failure.

By allowing fear to consume your thoughts, it will transform your energy to a negative attraction device that will not only sabotage the good things you have now, but prevent future positive events from coming in. Nothing will change in your life until you interrupt the fear-based cycle you’ve constructed for yourself. When you consistently fear, you're not allowing yourself to complete the lessons you've agreed to in this lifetime. Furthermore, you're not allowing other people to complete theirs. Take a look around you. When all you do is live in fear, it affects everyone in your circle. Pay attention to how they react to your negativity and open up to the possibility that you need to change your self-destructive ways.

Trust Yourself
This is really the highest hill to climb. You have to trust your primary gut instincts and not second-guess yourself. The minute you do that, you're just telling Spirit that you're in no shape to accept all the great things coming your way. BELIEVE you know what you're doing because you do.

When I'm giving my readings I absolutely have to trust the information coming through from Spirit. If I start second-guessing what I'm seeing, hearing and feeling, there's no way I'd be giving accurate readings. How would you feel if your psychic were doing that? You would be less likely to trust them, wouldn't you? Especially since it would sound as though they don't know what they're doing. The same goes for you. If you second-guess your first instinct, Spirit will figure you don't know what you're doing, so guess what? You will be proven wrong by getting a life lesson. Then you'll kick yourself later. Trust yourself, it's so worth it in the end.

Let Go Of Fear
After you start believing you know what you're doing by going with your first gut instinct, it's time to get rid of the fear monster. There are so many ways to do this. I prefer to use Personal Affirmations to start the process.

I fear nothing.
I accept the lessons God sends my way with courage.
I am not afraid to take chances.
I trust in God completely."
Everything happens for a reason.
I am not afraid to learn and grow.
Everything happens in its divine time.
I can only control my actions and no one else's.
For every negative event there is a positive result.

Don't Allow Fear To Limit Your Growth
When you put that negative fearful energy out to the universe, you'll only get what you fear in return. If you fear that the man of your dreams is in love with someone else and at that time he isn't, you're manifesting that event. What you're doing is sending that man a telepathic message saying, "Go ahead and date that woman, I want you to. Prove me right!" If you're guilty of this, please take a closer look at your life. Notice how everything seems to fall apart simultaneously.

Be aware of the negative energy you're spreading around when you do this. Nobody wants to be around a person who is always so depressing and fearful. Not a single person would be inclined to help you either. Don't allow fear to control your life. Take back the reins, get off your booty and make things happen. I guarantee you will begin to see clearly and be ecstatic to find out who you REALLY are. You will then be able to reach heights you never knew existed, let alone think were possible.

Replacing Fear With Personal Power
Once you have realized fear is present, it's important to want to get rid of it. If you don't make a wholehearted attempt to find the cause, you will not be able to progress to the next level of your personal evolution; thus not finding that true balance or happiness you desire.

I understand just as well as anyone out there that change can be scary, especially when you don't know what lies ahead. Like I said in the first article, my leaving a stable job for something that didn't guarantee security was a struggle, but I DID get passed it and embraced every single obstacle that came up. I transformed fearful energy into positive manifesting and I feel as though I'm a success story.

Anyone can do this! The first step in alleviating fear is to change your thought process. Below are some examples:

* Speaking into being positive goals and having the belief that it's possible
* Saying positive, personal affirmations regarding the subject that is feared
* Constantly being aware of any negative connotation you may say or feel

How to keep the doors of a prosperous future open, without fear
One of the main objectives in utilizing your own personal power is the ability to let go. Forgive yourself and those who have cause any type of imbalance in your life, past or present. This may not be easy, but then again this is life, not heaven.

Anytime we're in transition to a major life change many of our past fears, insecurities or devastating events may float to the surface and need to be acknowledged. This is the time to analyze the situations and find our own closure so we may be allowed the key to the new door. Here is the simplified process:

1. TRULY forgive those who have made you feel inadequate in the situation
2. Forgive yourself for any action or inaction that has caused you to hold on to the issue
3. Pull a positive result from the negative event and try to find the lesson
4. Be aware of what you have learned to prevent a repeat of the cycle
5. Release the situation and people involved to the Universe

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