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How Can I Communicate With My Guides?
The first way you can contact your guides is to speak with them out loud. I know it sounds goofy and all, but that's the best way for them to hear you. Sure you can "talk in your head" to the guides, but there's more of an effect if you say it out loud. Ask for them to show up in meditation. If you ask your guides to show up, they will. Don't be too hard on yourself if they don't appear right away. It took me weeks of begging before mine showed up and reciprocated contact. How do you hear them? Well the idea is simple, but not easy.

You do have to be tuned in, quiet your mind and listen carefully. It's common to hear them in your right ear, especially during meditation. Some guides will come across as a thought and others will be like speaking to another person in your head. They will connect with you in a way in which only you'll understand. Mine sound like my own voice with a lower tone. Whatever your brain allows is what yours will sound like. Mine happen to say a lot of sarcastic things so I KNOW it's not me. When I do readings for other people, they sound a bit different and usually use words I've never used myself. Our guides also talk to us in day dreams, in the car or on the throne. Basically, they never shut up.

Testing Your Guides
When communicating with your guides it's always best to set Law and Order. This means that you can dictate how your guides come through to you. If you want them to speak to you in a specific tone or look a certain way, this can be done. Your guides do not want you frightened by their presence and love the fact you're opening up the doors of communication with them. Spirits communicate best via electricity. I've seen and heard so many accounts of spirit coming through by messing around with phone lines, television sets and house lights.

When I first started communicating with my guides, I'd do silly things like ask them to wake me up at a specific time or tell a friend to call me. I remember asking my guide (Eric, yes I named them) to wake me up at 8:00 pm if I fell asleep during meditation. I swear on my life I did end up sleeping and some time later, my phone rang. I answered it and nobody was on the other end. I looked at the clock and saw 8:01 pm. A few weeks later, I went into my daily meditation, forgetting there was a TV show I wanted to watch. I was so engrossed in what I was seeing that I forgot all about it. 5 minutes before the show began my phone rang and my friend Jessica was on the line. She called just to tell me this show was on and she thought I should watch it. I hadn't spoken to her in about a week and she had NO WAY of knowing I was interested in that particular show. Things that make you go HMMM.

Though guides can't stop a tragedy from occurring, they can warn us by giving us signs or physically make us aware. Depending on the velocity of the event, a guide may not be the spirit who sends the warning. When it comes to saving us from exit points, guides don't have a thing to do with it. That an Angel's job. Here's an example of a Spirit Guide warning: My God-mother and her husband were on the couch watching TV when they fell asleep. She was a smoker at the time and had fallen asleep while her cigarette was still lit. Not long after that, her husband felt a hand shaking his shoulder and heard a clear, "wake up"! He jumped up, startled to see his wife catching fire. Needless to say my God-Mother stopped her smoking and it's been over 10 years now (Originally posted 2001, Revised 2016).

Prayer and Spirit
Your Spirit Guides and any other entity can not hear your prayers to your higher power. Prayer is the only sacred form of communication we have here on Earth and it would be an invasion of our privacy. Everything said in prayer is between you and the higher power only. Please also remember that we do not pray to our Spirit Guides. We ask for assistance and thank them for guiding us.

Have A Great Relationship With Your Guides
There are so many different ways Spirit Guides come through for us. I've learned so many things and have written much of my published work through channeling them. They help us understand what it is we're working toward and help keep us on track. If you listen closely, you'll even be able to communicate with them as though they're your best friend. In times when you're feeling alone and lost, rest assured your guides are always there when you need them. TRUST IS THE KEY.

Please don't expect your guides to fix your problems though. They are not allowed to step in the way of your free will. When you ask, they'll give sound and accurate advice, but they won't be able to magically transform a situation from bad to brilliant. Their job is to help you along the way, not make your decisions and clean up the mess you've left in previous lives. In order to have a sound relationship with them, keep an open mind and take their advice when given. They're like your mother; they can be a pain in the ass, are usually right and have your best interest at heart.

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