Karmic Relationships

At some point we often wonder what it is we're here to accomplish in this and other lifetimes. We constantly question the reason for events that have made us feel less than adequate or stagnate. One may often over analyze those events or relationships to get to the bottom line or fill a void. What some people do not understand is that we can't possibly have access to all the answers when we want them. The point to life is experiencing these events and learning the lessons so the soul can evolve to its greatest potential. We must go through life one step at a time.

We have to start at A to get to Z WITHOUT skipping over the steps in between. Most of the time, the strongest lessons presented to you are a result of karmic imbalance from previous lifetimes. In order for the soul to progress to the next level in its evolution, it must resolve issues from the past. When one door closes, another opens. Resolved the imbalance is simply taking care of any unfinished business involving a relationship, romantic or platonic or a situation that was meant to raise your spirit to a higher level.

What is Karma?
Most people would associate karma with good or bad "luck". There is no such thing. Everything happens for a reason. The Law of Karma is this: With every event, positive or negative, there is a consequence. Karma is basically the consequence of the action(s) taken in any event. Negative Karma can be interpreted as "unfinished business" which makes you feel uncomfortable.

The soul must create karmic balance in order to put an end to the cycle of life and fully evolve. This is why history often repeats itself. Most souls do not learn the entire lesson the first time around, creating more imbalance, therefore having the need to keep returning to Earth in future lifetimes. For example:

The most common situations that create karmic imbalances are relationship with other people. This stems from family to romantic mates and everything in between. Karma does not discriminate, please remember that. Co-dependency is the #1 issue created by past and present life karma. These relationships are most likely toxic in nature, yet allow for the most determined soul lessons to strike one's spirit. They're harsh and depending on the strength of the person and lesson involved, generally last a lifetime.

Time To Break the Karmic Cycle:
Once the karma is cleared, a lesson and sometimes a reward is presented. It is your responsibility to acknowledge that lesson and do your best to not repeat the cycle. If you choose to ignore the signs and lessons, you will experience the same situation again, just in a different form or even in another area of your life. This time the situation and lesson will hit you harder, causing more unnecessary pain. Keep in mind that the purpose in experiencing and clearing negative karma is to help your soul evolve. In life there are always choices and your soul created these specific events and lessons to complete to contribute to its evolution.

Karma & Soul Mates:
A Soul Mate is a piece of one's soul that has spit in order to clear karma. This reduces the amount of incarnations the soul needs to fully evolve. Like the old saying goes, "Two heads are better than one". Try the possibility of a none, a dozen, a thousand or even more! When the soul splits, that part will choose a life path based upon the karma it is responsible for clearing up. This is why the possibility of meeting and carrying a relationship with one is rare or difficult to maintain. If everyone met and married a Soul Mate, there wouldn’t be much of an opportunity to clear karma and the soul would have to reincarnate many more times than necessary. Those souls who choose to not split apart will do this for one of two reasons. Either they chose to complete all the karma planned for that lifetime alone or it's their last incarnation in the physical world.

Past Life Connections & Karmic Events:
A lot of souls choose to re-live situations with other souls from previous lifetimes. Usually when you meet up with a Past Life Connection, it’s to work out the issues with them because certain events made an imprint on your soul and can't evolve. When meeting one, you may feel as though you’re having a deja vu experience. Though the connection might be strong this does not always mean that you were meant to be together romantically or for the long term. No matter the circumstance, you are spiritually contracted to experience one or more karmic events.

A Karmic Event is the actual "meant to be" situation that occurred between you and that other person's soul. Most likely the current events(s) will be a mirror image of the situation(s) the souls experienced in their last incarnation together. I have seen and heard of many situations in which two people who are in a relationship based on karma are miserable. There is so much back and forth, it's ridiculous! The paths are rarely in alignment, therefore creating more imbalances. Most of the time, people who are in toxic romantic relationships truly believe that it's not Karma, it’s destiny. This is true, but that doesn't mean you only deserve a horrible destiny...FOREVER.

Not all karmic relationships have to be negative or leave a terrible taste in your mouth. There are karmic situations that are beautiful and rewarding. You don't have to do anything special to attract one, since generally these situations are stemmed from your past lives. Remember to take care of yourself while going through the fire and have faith that there will always be a rainbow after the rain.

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