Have you consulted with tons of psychics or even just one and realized that NONE of your predictions have come to fruition? Are your time frames being stretched every time you call? If you answered YES, then this is the article for you.

A lot of clients think that somehow their psychic can MAKE predictions happen. That is 100% incorrect. The message is given to us, however, there are never any guarantees that your prediction will happen. Why? Simply because nothing is EVER set in stone. It is the choices YOU make after the prediction is given that will make or break the path for it to come to fruition. How do I get out of this vicious cycle and make things happen? Check out my simple steps below:

Stop Dwelling:
Dwelling is the primary way clients push away time frames and/or choke Spirit to the point of canceling the prediction. There are times when we want something or someone so much that it becomes the primary focus in life. Believe me I know, I have been there plenty of times in the past. When that person or situation is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last thought on your mind before you go to sleep, you're dwelling. It is a bad habit. Just know that you cannot fool Spirit or The Universe. It's okay to open the doors to new people, but only if your heart is in it. If You are opening new doors to other people just to get your love back, you are telling Spirit you don't trust them and your higher power. You're still feeding your loved one negative or depressing like vibes.

It is best to find something other than love to focus on if you're awaiting a prediction to come to fruition. Re-organize your life, your home or your financial situation. If you mess up, DO NOT beat yourself up. You are human, not some robot programmed for perfection. Understand that psychic predictions are in the future, but you have to live for the now in order for the Universe to work with you.

Change Your Priorities and Let Go:
People often confuse letting go with giving up. When you call a psychic and they implore you to "let go", they're simply letting you know that by releasing the energy of the person and/or situation to Spirit, you're allowing them to take care of the bottom line for you. When we attach ourselves to another we pull in their energy, good or bad. We all have the natural ability to take on someone else's smelly garbage and this is not good if we are to function properly.

I have had MANY predictions come to pass by dozens of advisors. Those predictions happened to be the ones I just didn't care about. They weren't top on my priority list. Those predictions came to pass in the exact time frame as predicted. Cool huh? There's more. I called a psychic to ask about my career and financial situation one time. This person gave me details and a specific date of April 8th. I actually took notes that day and kept them close for that prediction. Believe it or not, I ended up pushing the timeframe completely away and the second I let go, it happened on the 8th the following month. I get readings merely for the form on entertainment now and it's great! EVERYTHING happens!

Know Who You Are:
If you think by having the person and/or situation you're dwelling on is the only thing that will make you happy, then you've been misguided. You can't be happy with someone or something else unless you're complete alone. Remember, there's a reason for why you don't have what you want at the present time. In matters of the heart, Spirit will not put two people together until they're BOTH 100% ready OR unless there are karmic lessons involved. Take a step back and analyze yourself or the situation in question. Most likely there are changes you need to make before Spirit will allow you to reap the benefit of having that person or situation in your life, or vice versa.

Empower Yourself:
We have been given the opportunity to manifest our lives. Future events are NEVER set in stone due to the many doors that open for us as time progresses. It's the choices we make that create the outcomes of the predictions. It's our responsibility to do our part. Get busy. Clean up your life and organize. By doing that you're letting the Universe know you're ready and taking responsibility for your own actions and feelings.

Do Not Try To Manipulate Spirit:
I'm not a fan of spell casting, personally. I've seen too many people utilize this method with malicious intent. IF you choose to go here, PLEASE MAKE SURE you are clear about the ramifications AND that the person casting has a good reputation. Remember, there is no power STRONGER than God. The minute you fall into the trap of desperation, you're letting Spirit know that you just AREN'T ready for what you want and you won't have it. Plain and simple.

Predictions Are Happening:
So you've done your part and Spirit lends you a helping hand, great! Now it's time to stop psychic surfing. If you find that a specific psychic has been correct with you, please stick with them. Keep in mind that the more you psychic surf, the more holes you create in your spirit. If you keep calling a ton of psychics, your predictions will either stop happening or the answers you get from everyone will be different. You'll just end up reverting back to dwell mode again.

So bottom line? LET GO. Utilize the Power of Choice you've been blessed with and move on with your life. Limit your psychic readings and patch up those holes you've created in your spirit. The minute you allow your higher self to breathe, take control of your life and accept responsibility, things will start happening, and it's usually when you LEAST expect it.

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