Be Prepared For Your Reading

* Your state of mind:   
Please make sure you are in an alert and relaxed state. Do not call any advisor screaming, crying or ready to fall asleep.
It's very difficult to tune in while this is happening.

* Have a list of specific questions:   
Create a list of specific questions and prioritize from the most important issues down to the least.
You can ask a specific question without giving background information. If you're general, you'll get a general answer.

You ask: "What is going on with John/Jen?"
My answer could be: "John/Jen is really stressed out with work right now".

* Take good notes:
  Make sure you have your questions written down with plenty of space below each one for the answer(s) and any clarity questions you may have. If you're getting a reading with me, I don't have a problem with you recording the session if it's easier than writing things down, but if you do this with other advisors, you should ask their permission.

  While getting a reading, it's very important that you write the answers down exactly the way they're worded. Do NOT put your own spin on it. This way is best in effort to prevent misinterpretation. If you're getting a reading from me, I will let you know if I'm unclear on how to interpret a clairvoyant visual and I'll ask you to just write down what I'm seeing so that I don't waste your time or money.

FYI: Spirit has a tendency to make specific predictions, but leave out bits of data so that the client doesn't dwell on a specific person or event, enabling them to let go and LIVE in the now.

Important Guidelines To Follow

* Be realistic in your expectations while getting a reading.  
If you are expecting me to tell you just what you want to hear to make you "feel better", I am not the right person to call. If you're expecting to be blown away by every single thing that comes out of your advisor's mouth, then you'll be disappointed. There are some things that cannot be validated at the time of your call, especially if you're asking about the future.

* Do not call an advisor just to discredit another one.  
I will not change my answers because another advisor said something different. Psychic surfing could be part of the reason you're getting mixed messages to begin with.

* Always use your intuition while getting a reading.  
I do not expect you to agree with me all the time. I also believe in free will. If you disagree with the advice given, always do what you want, however, if you do so and you're not happy with the result, your advisor cannot be accountable for your actions.

* Do not call a psychic who is out of your price range  
If you cannot afford to call me, DON'T. Psychic readings aren't a necessity in life like paying your rent/mortgage and putting food on the table. It's also best to not choose an advisor based upon their price.

* In choosing a psychic advisor, do your research  
Always read the advisor's listing in its entirety and check their feedback before calling. If you feel lead to them then call. If for some reason you get a negative vibe, don't call. If the reader has way too many negative remarks, stay away. If they have a balance between both then they're probably more realistic as we can't please everyone. These days, most of us online advisors have websites and blogs. Check those out as well. You will get a really good idea of the advisor's belief system, personality and style.

* Do not live your life based upon psychic predictions  
Getting a reading is great, but it's unhealthy to be checking your notes everyday, waiting for an outcome and not living. Predictions are made based upon the client NOT sitting on their butt and being a hermit. Logically, nothing new will come into your life if all you're doing is calling psychics and locking yourself up with your computer.

* Have fun with it all!  
If you call a psychic for the hell of it and are using the service in moderation instead of a form of therapy, readings can be a blast. I think it's best to mix it up and add some questions that are silly. I also believe that having an up beat, humorous attitude opens the channels to the Spirit World much easier.

Psychic Reading Disclaimer:

I am a psychic-medium, life coach and writer only. I will not provide gambling, investment, medical or legal advice. Psychic readings should never replace the advice of a licensed professional in those fields. By purchasing a reading from me, you understand AND agree that I cannot be responsible for the decisions you make and actions you take in your life. I will predict the probable outcomes based on the path you are on now.

Psychic predictions and timing is never set in stone.

I reserve the right to do the following:

To immediately terminate any session in which a client is verbally abusive to me and no, you will not receive a refund for time lost.

To refuse service to anyone who has personally attacked me or my ethics, those I don't feel should get a reading and those who do charge backs.

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