Soul Mates

Soul Mate is a technical spiritual term, not always your ideal romantic mate. The true meaning has been fabricated into something that would be soothing to pop-culture.

It's not impossible to meet a real soul mate, but it's rare to establish a lifelong partnership with one. Even if that does happen, most likely it's not being handed to you on a silver platter without serious obstacles along the way. The timing is rarely "on" and the paths are usually crossed for a period of time. The sugar-coated meaning has been extremely misused and overplayed. It has spread like wild fire and became a permanent fixture in the human psyche. Some people use this to explain why they haven't met "the one" yet. I've seen others use this as an excuse to stay in abusive relationships. Not that I blame them, it's just a dangerous thing to hold on to sometimes.

What Is A Soul Mate?
It's another piece of the soul that incarnates in the physical world to complete karmic lessons in effort to reduce the amount of times it has to come back to Earth. Imagine you're holding a glass. The glass would be considered your entire soul before a new incarnation to the physical world. Now drop that glass to the floor. You'll notice it breaks into pieces. Try to put two of the pieces together, they don't fit. Why wouldn't the pieces fit if it came from the same soul? Quite simply because each piece becomes a whole other person. That piece of your soul chooses their family, how they look and design a blueprint of life lessons for their new incarnation. Technically, that is why we can be more than one person simultaneously. There's more.

After the soul splits, each piece has a choice of when they want to be born into the physical world. Just because YOUR PART of the soul chose to be born doesn't mean any of your Soul Mates have. So the REAL question isn't, "Who is my Soul Mate?" The questions are:

* Do I have a Soul Mate in this lifetime?
* What are my chances of meeting them?"
* What are the karmic lessons that need to be completed?

What is a Twin Soul or Twin Flame?
Twin Souls and Twin Flames are the same, people just use different terminology to describe them. A Twin Soul would be a piece of that glass that fits with yours perfectly. Think about identical twin babies. They're identical in looks, but their personalities aren't the same and their interests are often different as well. You will still feel the "familiar connection" if you ever meet them. The chance of meeting and carrying a solid relationship with one is slim, but it CAN happen. Our souls do not split and reincarnate to be in a romantic relationship, get married, have babies and live happily ever after. We are born again to learn, do a job and/or help our souls evolve.

I've also noticed after 19 years of doing professional readings that soul mates and twin flames often come up with the same astrological element as their counterpart. For example, you could be a Libra and your SM or TF is either another Libra or Air Sign (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini). They could also possess the same elements in their rising and/or moon signs as well. Example: You're Libra(Air) sun, Cancer(Water) rising and Leo(Fire) moon. They are Aquarius(Air) sun, Scorpio(Water) rising and Aries(Fire) moon.

When meeting a Soul Mate you may feel attracted to them physically, emotionally and mentally. Twin Flames can be known to resemble one another physically. You may also feel a brotherly/sisterly (teacher-student, not literally) relationship as well as having a psychic connection with any spiritual connection. They could end up being life-long friends or nothing at all. Some people just use the term "soul mate" as an excuse for mental & physical abuse, controlling a relationship and stalking. Make SURE you know whom you're with while in the relationship. Even if your controlling partner IS a soul mate or other highly spiritual connection, that does not mean you are meant to stay and get hurt. Please remember this.

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