Predicted Timing

Most people want things NOW and don't want to wait until they are actually ready for them to happen. This is the most common issue I get with clients after their reading. I learned the hard way that the most important thing I need to focus on is being happy and that I have to do my part in order for that to be a reality. The timing of psychic predictions will not actually bring about true love and happiness.

Predicted timing isn't the most important part of the reading, the message is. Once you get used to that concept, accept it and make time your friend, you will you be able to attract what you want and faster. Here are some tips to help you get through the waiting game after your reading.

Don't Squeeze The Life Out Of Predictions
Utilize your own free will while making decisions and let go of predictions once they're made. When you dwell, you're telling Spirit and your higher power that you do not trust them which sends the message that you are not ready for things to happen.

*Cut the spiritual cords between you and the person/situation in question.
For example: visualize the man/woman in your love life in front of you. See a rope or cord attaching you together. Visualize yourself taking a pair of scissors and cutting that rope or cord between you. This will get rid of the energy that's reverting you back into the dwell mode.

*Stop second guessing yourself, fearing and using your emotions to dictate the choices you should be making for yourself.
When you put your fears out into the universe, all you get back in return is what you fear, not what was supposed to happen.

*Keep yourself #1 on your priority list.
You should never make another person's happiness more important than your own. This is another form of dwelling, but this time you're energetically sucking the life out of yourself AND the other person. This can (not always) delay timing.

Spirit Guides Do NOT Make Predictions Happen
Guides provide intuition and/or shine the light in the direction that's in the client's highest good. If you ignore Spirit, do not blame them for negative events. Everything happens for a reason and it's the choices you make that dictate the final outcome. Spirit's job is to help you grow and give general direction, but they can't put you on the easy street to success. You must find your inner strength to do it on your own.

Predictions Are NOT ALWAYS Set In Stone
We have this wonderful thing called the Power Of Choice. If you don't like a prediction, most of the time you can pray it out or consciously make decisions to change it. Psychics are only allowed to see the possibilities for your future path(s) at the time of your reading. You can change the outcome of any prediction at any given point on the path simply by utilizing your free will. Remember though, you must not blame another person if you create an undesirable outcome.

Understand that if what you THINK you want isn't in your highest good, it will not happen for you. I've heard this saying and I believe it's completely true: "A person's rejection is really God's protection". Try taking on a new perspective. If you want someone and they don't return those feelings, maybe they're not in your best interest and you'd be better off with someone else.

There is also something that we call Divine Timing. Divine timing is when an event will occur on a specific date set by Spirit and/or is preordained to occur. This means that most likely some predictions will happen at that time no matter what the psychic receives during your reading. Generally most readings cannot predict the actual timing of a divine event.

Spirit Guides and Timing
Here's my new famous quote: "There's a reason for everything and everything has its divine time".

It's best to just assume that there's divine timing for everything and let go of your situation. When you do that, you're putting yourself first again and completely trusting Spirit. You may ask your psychic if your situation has divine timing and see what your answer is. I can't guarantee that Spirit will answer that question. You will probably receive a simple "yes" or "no".

I have several cases of clients whose guides REFUSE to answer certain questions. Especially timing questions. If that ever happens when you get a reading from me, know that they have their reasons and it's best to let the issue go. It doesn't matter what you say. Understand that when a psychic can't get an answer for you, it's not in your highest good to know at that time.

No Dates, Just Numbers
There have been plenty of times when I don't receive dates for the client, but numbers instead. I may get a "4" and that can mean the 4th of a month, 4 days, weeks, months or simply 4pm. The reason for this is because the client isn't supposed to know and/or the prediction can get delayed. No matter how delayed it'll STILL happen in the 4's. Please try not to be discouraged by this as it only means the other person or event isn't set in stone timing wise.

Right Month, Wrong Year
I've had plenty of readings in my time and of course, I only stick to the psychics that work well with my energy and have proven to be accurate. I have a special reader who uses tarot cards as a tool who comes up with the strangest things. Her timing always seems to be a year off. She will see "October" and of course logically assume it's October THIS YEAR when it's actually NEXT YEAR. I believe there are a few reasons for this.

One being that the client will NOT be ready for the prediction until that following year, but Spirit is allowing them to assume to hopefully light a fire under their butt to change their ways. Another is that psychics receive the correct information but can interpret the timing wrong because they often see things in the "NOW" versus in the future.

All you need to be concerned with is the prediction and what you have to do to allow it to happen. Trust me once you get into this mode, all your predictions will happen like clockwork.

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